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Record your rainfall and spark a connection in the free SparkDrop app.

Digitalise your Rainfall charts with SparkDrop

It’s time to get those charts out & let SparkDrop future proof your rainfall for the generations to come!

In an era full of “Wetter, Dryer, Hotter” now is the time to make sure we have the facts from the past at our fingertips. Once that information is gone, it’s gone!

SparkDrop Rainfall Before SparkDrop Rainfall After

Bring along your rainfall charts to the Riverina Field Days and you could win a helicopter tour!

Take the opportunity to bring your rainfall charts to the Riverina Field Days on May 10 & 11 to be digitalised & go into the draw to win a winery tour for 2 with Riverina Helicopters! 

Find SparkDrop at site 104.

On all orders received until Sunday 12th May

What you get when we digitalise your rainfall charts

We’ll scan your physical rainfall charts per property and supply you with a digital PDF for your records. 

We’ll input your data into an Excel spreadsheet. You get one spreadsheet per year, with a yearly/monthly wrap. 

If selected, your rainfall will be connected into the backend of SparkDrop giving you access to your historical rainfall in the palm of your hand!

We’ll send your charts back to you, as well as supply your digital charts via email, Dropbox or by USB.

Digitalise your rainfall charts with SparkDrop

How much rain did ya get mate?

Farmers always talk about rain but have no platform to share it on and to engage with other farmers on their actual rainfall.

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Introducing SparkDrop

The free app for Aussie farmers to record their rainfall and share it!

An online community where farmers can easily record and share their actual rainfall.

Benefits of SparkDrop

Record your rainfall

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Community Features

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Get SparkDrop

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Download the SparkDrop app on your phone.


Record your rainfall data from all your gauges, in the measurement of your choice.


Connect with friends in your local area or as part of a network like a farm group or agronomy group.

The SparkDrop Story

Sparked from a conversation overheard at her parent’s kitchen table after a night of rain, Sarah Armstrong developed the SparkDrop app.

A digital platform to store rainfall data and share it with the community.

I was out at my parents’ property in Goolgowi and it had just rained during the night. Dad was doing his usual rain chat;

“Woc rang me this morning and said they had 30ml, but Wal down the road said he had 33ml. Something’s going on here, someone’s telling lies…”

I thought why isn’t there an app where farmers can have their own little profiles and record their rainfall? Then everyone can just click on it and see it.

Rainfall varies. Town to town, farm to farm, paddock to paddock. The rainfall measurement that most common apps have is generally from one rain gauge at the airport, so it’s not accurate in rural Australia at all.

From here SparkDrop was born.

Sarah Armstrong, SparkDrop founder

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Don "Sparky" Armstrong

9th January 1939 - 6th October 2005

The Bulletin, April 12 1994, photograph by Gillianne Tedder

Don "Sparky" Armstrong

Sarah's Grandfather - The Inspiration for our Name

Sarah’s father, his father Sparky and his father before him have been thriving and surviving in farming for over 100 years in Australia.

The land has been Sarah’s whole upbringing. 

“When I had the idea for SparkDrop I knew it was a way to continue my family’s legacy and share my love for the land.”

Some days when the game is tough,
I’ll watch the setting sun,
and I’ll think about Don “Sparky” Armstrong,
Who lived ten lives in one.

Poem by Ron Pollard, 2005

Partner with SparkDrop

Want to align your brand with SparkDrop?

We are starting right here in the Riverina and giving you the opportunity to be on board first!

We have a range of investment packages available. 

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